Arcadia: Meet Chris, Dashingly Dignified Captain

Last night we had our first weekday rehearsal, and our first workshop. We did lots of character work and learnt a lot about Captain Brice, played excellently by Christopher Maxwell.

Chris is a very talented gentleman who can be seen on both stage and screen: he was in Sketchy AF with Watchers Productions, took part in Dramatic Moose’s first production ‘Abandoned’, and he joined Monstrous Productions as Corporal Carrot in ‘Guards! Guards!’ – he clearly enjoys a military title!

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Arcadia: Meet Katya, No-Nonsense Academic

We are halfway through our introductions to our cast – that means we are halfway to the Christmas break! Today we meet our Russian wonder Katya, playing feisty feminist author Hannah Jarvis. Katya played Angua in our production of ‘The Truth’ in August, as well as joining Monstrous Productions for six shows.

The question is, was she cuter as Nourishing in ‘The Amazing Maurice’, or as “Egyptian Girl No. 3” in her year 6 school production of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat?’ Perhaps we could find some photos...

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Arcadia: Meet Lowri, Social Butterfly

This week, meet our Hamilton-loving half-pint Lowri. She will be playing Chloë, a young woman fascinated with dressing up, socialising, and ruling the roost. You are likely to have seen Lowri as Magrat in ‘Wyrd Sisters’ and ‘Witches Abroad’ with Monstrous Productions, with whom she also leapt around the stage as the Librarian in ‘Guards Guards’. Children the world over love her energy, which is great since she will be starting Early Years teacher training next June! We couldn’t be prouder.

Although Chloë and Lowri are very alike, we fully believe Lowri is a million times sweeter and more caring – will Chloë make a monster out of her?!

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Peculiar Slice: Arcadia’s Stage Manager

Meet the team kneading and proving Peculiar’s next production, Arcadia, ready to rise to the stage in February 2019!

Who are you and what you got cookin?

I’m Vicki, Stage Manager, and I’ll be cooking up anything the crew want to keep them working hard! I’ll be lurking backstage making sure that everything onstage runs smooth as butter.

What ingredients do you need as Stage Manager and what gets your taste-buds tingling the most?

I will be running backstage making sure the actors are where they should be and props are all in order. You need a lot of sugar to get things done, a pinch of salt in case they aren’t, and a glob of sticky toffee for when there’s too much noise backstage!

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Arcadia: Meet Loz, Charming Intelli-Gentleman

This week meet lovely Loz, the delightful man playing charming Septimus Hodge in Arcadia. Also known as Lawrence Quilty in his more creative pursuits, Loz has astounded us with his many acting roles in the past with Act One (the Cardiff University Drama Society), Monstrous Productions, and many, many others.

On top of the ten acting roles he has filled in the space of five years, Loz also occasionally directs – we have found that he is just as talented as the character he is playing.

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Peculiar Slice: Arcadia’s Prop designer

Meet the team kneading and proving Peculiar’s next production Arcadia ready to rise to the stage in February 2019! 

Who are you and what you got cookin?

I’m Alice, Prop designer. There’s a whole batch of stuff to make and I’ve got some tortoise and hare on the go at the moment. Wait, not like that.

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Arcadia: Meet Matt, the Fiery Critic

Week three of our introductions to the beautiful people gracing the stage in February. Today it’s Matt, who will be filling the shoes of critical Bernard Nightingale. Matt was one of the most loyal members of Monstrous Productions, first appearing in Mort in 2014 and never leaving our side – he even dabbled in being a stage-hand once! After getting in touch with his feline side in The Amazing Maurice for Monstrous Productions, Matt went a little more canine in Peculiar Productions’ The Truth in August.

Matt is a very busy bee at the moment, but has spared a moment to tell us all about himself.

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‘The Truth’ raises £5k for Cardiff Mind

One in four adults in the UK will experience difficulties with mental health at some point this year. One in six are going through it in any given week. These statistics, from mental health charity Mind, help show why support for mental health – a topic many find it difficult to discuss – is so important.

It’s also why we chose to support a mental health cause for our first-ever production, Terry Pratchett’s The Truth, earlier this year. Cardiff Mind has been an invaluable service to the Cardiff community for decades, having been registered as a charity and company since 1993. They provide assistance ranging from counselling to domiciliary support and more.

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Peculiar Slice: Arcadia’s Costume Designer

Meet the team kneading and proving Peculiar’s next production Arcadia ready to rise to the stage in February 2019!

Who are you and what you got cooking?

I’m the costume designer – I’m currently cooking up all sorts of ideas about what our lovely actors are going to wear and how the costumes fit with the characters.

What ingredients do you need as Costume Designer and what gets your taste-buds tingling the most?

It’s a really exiting new challenge to be honest! I think its going to take a lot of creativity and hard work.

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Arcadia: Meet Caitlin, Mathematically Curious

It’s week two of our Meet the Actor series! This week we are delighted to introduce Caitlin, who in August starred in her stage debut as Sacharissa Cripslock in our first production, ‘The Truth’. A lot of firsts, as it turns out!

Caitlin is really looking forward to experiencing the thrill and excitement of performing again in February when she will take to the stage as Thomasina Coverly, the precocious student who knows much more than a young lady ought to.

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