The Team

Tony Beard – Chair 

I grew up in theatre, I started on the stage at the young age of -3 months, my mum was pregnant when she played the fairy godmother in panto. I then went on to play one of the children in South Pacific, supported backstage on numerous shows, and performed in many too, including playing Bob Cratchet in A Christmas Carol. In recent years I have been involved in many Monstrous and Peculiar productions including most recently playing Lt Blouse in Monstrous Regiment.

By day, I teach people how to blow things up, sorry, I mean I train people to deliver Live Science shows. I’m also an avid board game and TTRPG player and I sing in a fabulous choir. 

I’m very excited to be taking on the role of chair (The Big Wahoonie) of Peculiar Productions and to guide this wonderful group of people through our next series of productions.

Terrance Marshman-Edwards – Secretary

I did a lot of acting in school and university, but stepped away from it once I graduated. I got back into acting in 2014 with Monstrous Productions’ production of Wyrd Sisters and the rest is history… Since then, I’ve acted in a lot of different shows for several South Wales-based theatre companies, and have even directed a stage play- and several audio productions- for Peculiar Productions. 

By day, I’m a freelance copywriter and a part-time seasonal tour guide, taking groups of excited sci-fi fans across Cardiff to show them various filming locations used in Doctor Who. 

Having previously taken the role of Secretary for Act One (Cardiff University’s Drama Society), I decided to take the step and put myself forward. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow committee members to help Peculiar Productions go from strength to strength.

Bryony Humphries – Treasurer

I’ve been interested in theatre since school, and have performed in multiple plays/musicals over the years, including A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Anderson, West Side Story, Sweeney Todd (Mrs. Lovett), and, most recently, Monstrous Regiment (General Froc).

In my day to day, I deliver training up and down the country, doing my favourite thing – chatting to people! If you see me about, don’t hesitate to stop for a gab (and maybe a nice cuppa)! 

2023’s Monstrous Regiment was my introduction to the Peculiar team (though I’d long been a fan), and I’ve loved every minute of getting to meet new people and performing with some extremely talented individuals. Having been treasurer for multiple societies in the past, I’m very excited to be taking on the role of Treasurer for Peculiar Productions, helping to keep things running smoothly for our shows!

Ashlea Harris – Fundraising Officer

I’ve been in the non-profit sector for over 30 years, bringing together innovative award winning partnerships, and bringing funding and diverse income streams into the mix.

I am excited to be part of the Peculiar journey alongside so many talented people, bringing my skills to help create a foundation for the future.

Gavin Berry – Productions Officer

I like long walks on sandy beaches… that’s not what this is? Oh, right.

From the age of four onwards I spent every waking moment trying to get on stage. In school plays, at holiday camps, theatre schools and youth theatres; for every show I’d be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Then I turned 18 and had the sudden and harsh realisation that at best I was going to be an okay actor, and at worst… broke. Not wanting to leave an industry that I love, I pivoted to film and video production, where I have been working for nearly 7 years.

I joined Peculiar Productions in 2019, after some very light persuasion from my fiancé, and was quickly absorbed into the Peculiar family. I’ve since been part of the tech crew for three live shows and a few radio plays (during the dark times). I’m looking forward to this role allowing me to keep my love of theatre burning.

When I’m not busy working I enjoy films (both good and bad), TTRPGs, board games, video games and catching up on sleep.

B Lisles – Publicity Officer

I’ve been acting since I was young, starting out in school, then youth theatre with panto and musicals. Multi-rolling in Annie and a stint as Dandini, as well as the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz and even the beadle in Oliver! (Complete with a greatcoat and tricorn.)

With Monstrous and Peculiar I’ve featured as No Less Man, Boddony and more recently Major. Clogston.

In my day to day, I’m a healthcare student and work in customer service. I also sew and crochet so you may have seen some of my work on stage.  You might also see me out and about with a brass band or two.

I’m looking forward to flexing my design skills and writing chops as publicity officer.