The Team

Sarah Roberts – Chair

Sarah has long been a lover of story-telling and spotlights. Starting at Caerphilly Youth Theatre, where she was once replaced by a sock puppet, Sarah has taken on a variety of roles both on stage and backstage, acting, directing and stage managing. Sarah has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Journalism, Media & Communication from Cardiff University.

For her day job in Marketing she writes copy for a variety of platforms. In her free time she writes some more. Sarah is a natural bossy-boots with nearly a decade of experience in competitive debating, making her an ideal (and somewhat terrifying) candidate for chairperson.

Suggested discussion topics: True Crime, badgers and owls, Emo music of the early noughties.

Topics to avoid: Geography (do not ask for directions) and squirrels.

Vicki Rowe – Secretary

From the tender age of five Vicki has been on stage, starting as a sunflower badly dancing ballet. The ballet career mercifully ended soon after, but the love of stage continued through a variety of Gangshows and musicals. In the last few years her talents have transferred backstage, gaining qualifications in Makeup Artistry. Vicki has a BA in English and Creative Writing.

She has been a civil servant for 3 years, after a too long stint in retail. For fun, Vicki plays RPGs and video games with friends, crafting, baking and reading. She has been a Snowy Owl in Girlguiding UK for nearly 10 years, helping in two Brownie Units twice a week. Fun fact: she is allergic to green tea.

Suggested discussion topics: Harry Potter, Marvel, Dragon Age, Owls, Disney and Internet Memes

Topics to avoid: Geography, Sports and dad jokes.

Ed Thomas – Treasurer

Ed has been involved in amateur dramatics in one way or another since he was about five, mostly as a cast member. More recently, he spent five years as a Co-Owner and Co-Director of Monstrous Productions, where he met many of the current Peculiar Productions team.

In his day job, Ed works for Cardiff Council’s Electoral Services team, and is training as a counsellor. In his free time, he is also a keen amateur baker and avid walker. Ed’s achievements include walking many of the UK’s national trails and long distance footpaths. He was once almost on University Challenge, and has never paid for a hair cut in his life.

Suggested discussion topics: teas of the world, recipe ideas, twentieth century history, politics.

Topics to avoid: politics

Lizzie Mulhall – Fundraising Officer

Born in Hertfordshire many moons ago, Lizzie has been captivated by the magic of live performance from a very early age. Starting off her early career producing mini productions with her siblings and cousins, she went on to join a local drama group and help out with school plays; this helped confirm her love of theatre.

Back in 2012 Lizzie went on to graduate with a degree in Theatre Design and Production. Shortly after, she moved to Cardiff and joined Monstrous Productions where she progressed to being involved in design, costume, props and set building. Lizzie currently works in a Conference and Events team by day, and as a Dresser by night. She is now looking forward to her next exciting role on the Peculiar Committee, and can’t wait for the new adventures that lie ahead!

Suggested discussion topics: Food, baking, cute animals, travelling and Disney.

Topics to avoid: Sports, politics and spiders.

Richard McReynolds- Productions Officer

Looking to gain confidence standing in front of large groups of people and to try his hand at something that he would be terrible at, Richard decided to audition for a Monstrous Productions play three years ago. To his surprise, he was included in the production and, due to the wealth of small parts and the generosity of directors’ casting choices, has been involved with the company ever since.

Born in Belfast, Richard moved to Cardiff to study music composition at Cardiff University five years ago. Richard is passionate about contemporary art and is regularly involved in Cardiff’s art scene. Outside of the company he organises events that bring together artists of different mediums and works at a variety of different technical jobs.

Suggested discussion topics: Surreal waffle, music, art or football.

Topics to avoid: None, Richard is always up for a good argument.

Loz Shanahan – Publicity Officer

Loz has been fascinated by theatre since he was considerably shorter than he is now. His first role was as a journalist in a youth theatre production many moons ago, and he was later involved in acting, directing and doing noisy technical things with a student theatre company while at University. Loz later joined Monstrous Productions, where he had an enormous amount of fun, often in a variety of waistcoats.

When he’s not bothering the stage, Loz has worked in various jobs involving websites and other internet-y things, writing, and rather a lot of spreadsheets. When he’s not doing that either, he can often be found standing in a field with a pair of binoculars wondering if that’s a buzzard. It usually is.

Suggested discussion topics: Tea, wildlife, Tolkien, Harry Potter, The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls and different types of bread.

Topics to avoid: Sport (may make an exception for Wimbledon), spiders, that time Robot Wars got cancelled again.