So – what exactly is ‘Peculiar Productions’?

That’s a very interesting question! Peculiar Productions is a Cardiff-based theatre and multimedia production company. We aim to produce two large shows or projects a year, and we try to make one of those an adaptation of a work by beloved British fantasy-comedy author Sir Terry Pratchett.

All our members are volunteers, and the proceeds of these large projects are donated to a chosen charity, which we announce alongside each production or project.

Sounds interesting. Could I join? How does it all work?

We advertise our open auditions, which are usually held a few weeks before rehearsals begin. Audition dates and other information you’ll need will be posted on this website, and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you are cast in the production, congratulations! If not, you’ll be invited to join in with a variety of other projects throughout the year, learn some new skills and get involved with our social events. Rehearsals for larger productions are twice a week until show week, when naturally things kick up a notch.

It’s not just at show auditions that we take on new members – you can get in touch with us at any point if you’re interested in joining.

Membership is £20 a year, and we don’t need you to have any experience in order to join – though we do require all members to be at least 18 years of age.

I’m not really that keen on acting…

A show needs all sorts of talents to help it get to the stage. We highly prize our crew and production team, so if you’ve got a passion for anything technical, design oriented (make-up, costume, set design etc…) or want to help the backstage crew, please contact us to discuss how to get involved.

How can I get in touch with you?

Drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you.

The team

Sarah Roberts – Chair

Sarah has long been a lover of story-telling and spotlights. Starting at Caerphilly Youth Theatre, where she was once replaced by a sock puppet, Sarah has taken on a variety of roles both on stage and backstage, acting, directing and stage managing. Sarah has a BA in English Literature and an MA in Journalism, Media & Communication from Cardiff University.

For her day job in Marketing she writes copy for a variety of platforms. In her free time she writes some more. Sarah is a natural bossy-boots with nearly a decade of experience in competitive debating, making her an ideal (and somewhat terrifying) candidate for chairperson.

Suggested topics: True Crime, badgers and owls, Emo music of the early noughties.

Topics to avoid: Geography (do not ask for directions) and squirrels.

Tony Beard – Secretary

Tony first graced the stage at the tender age of minus three months (his mother was pregnant and in panto) and theatre has always been a large part of his life. Whether it’s musicals, pantomimes, plays or that one very weird drama-based interview, Tony has performed in locations across Wales, England and even France.

After university Tony ventured into the world of work to do what most people advise against – working with both children and animals! Tony has worked in Zoos and Outdoor Centres, and currently works in a High School in Newport. For fun, Tony plays tabletop RPGs and boardgames, and enjoys cooking and making oversized props and sets. He is proud to be part of Tinkerbot Games (a boardgame design company) and now a part of Peculiar Productions too!

Suggested discussion topics: D&D, cooking, boardgames, Pokémon, Animals.

Topics to avoid: Sportsball

Ed Thomas – Treasurer

Ed has been involved in amateur dramatics in one way or another since he was about five, mostly as a cast member. More recently, he spent five years as a Co-Owner and Co-Director of Monstrous Productions, where he met many of the current Peculiar Productions team.

In his day job, Ed works for Cardiff Council’s Electoral Services team, and is training as a counsellor. In his free time, he is also a keen amateur baker and avid walker. Ed’s achievements include walking many of the UK’s national trails and long distance footpaths. He was once almost on University Challenge, and has never paid for a hair cut in his life.

Suggested discussion topics: teas of the world, recipe ideas, twentieth century history, politics.

Topics to avoid: politics

Sarah Burrow – Fundraising Officer

After a chance encounter at a board game evening Sarah somehow found herself on stage wearing copious pink frills while performing with Monstrous Productions. This resulted in a hilarious two years both in front of and behind the stage.

Away from the theatre Sarah has always loved being involved in raising money for good causes, so when the chance came to be part of helping Peculiar Productions do just that she couldn’t help herself!

Sarah came to Cardiff for university more years ago than she would like to count. She works as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist in Cardiff special schools. In her spare time she is learning Krav Maga, crochets cute critters and plays more boardgames than is probably healthy.

Suggested discussion topics: Boardgames, crochet, and D&D

Topics to avoid: Politics and Geography

Lizzie Mulhall – Productions Officer

Born in Hertfordshire many moons ago, Lizzie has been captivated by the magic of live performance from a very early age. Starting off her early career producing mini productions with her siblings and cousins, she went on to join a local drama group and help out with school plays; this helped confirm her love of theatre.

Back in 2012 Lizzie went on to graduate with a degree in Theatre Design and Production. Shortly after, she moved to Cardiff and joined Monstrous Productions where she progressed to being involved in design, costume, props and set building. Lizzie currently works in a Conference and Events team by day, and as a Dresser by night. She is now looking forward to her next exciting role on the Peculiar Committee, and can’t wait for the new adventures that lie ahead!

Suggested discussion topics: Food, baking, cute animals, travelling and Disney

Topics to avoid: Sports, politics and spiders

John Byron – Publicity Officer

John is the son of an opera singer and a travelling preacher. Expelled from a Conservatoire de Musique as a child, he eventually went on to read English Literature, Creative Writing and Modern Languages at university. As a student of Permaculture, his commitment to Peculiar Productions is born from its dedication to excellence through inclusivity and community.

Suggested discussion topics: Human language, storytelling, foreign foods, puns

Topics to avoid: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, popular sports