A Tomb With A View raises £2,370

Peculiar Productions’ dark comedy murder mystery, A Tomb With A View, managed to raise £2,370 for Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal.

Held on the 25th – 29th February, the reading of the late Septimus Tomb’s will revealed a secret bequest to a complete stranger. Threats were made by jealous family members, and someone decides to act on their impulses. Soon enough, the stranger ends up dead.

The event received praise from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, and every member of the cast had left an impression on the reviewer:

A well-designed set recreated the suspiciously empty-shelved library, complete with secret panel [. . .]

[ . . . ] The director had cast the play well, everyone fitting his/her roles well, and the production had lots of beautiful performances. And the music choice suited this production and added to the overall feel.

This was quite a brave choice of play and I would urge you to continue to be bold in your choices and help to push boundaries in non professional theatre.

The event also enjoyed coverage from local newspapers and bloggers.

At the close of the final performance, we also welcomed representatives from SiMBA to the stage to thank the cast and crew for their hard work in helping to fund their work, and also in helping to promote what SiMBA hopes to achieve for those affected by the loss of a baby.

We’re very grateful to Shelley for sharing her story, and to Kirsteen for her support while helping to set the performance up!