Adapted and Directed by Alice Boswell

Broadcast 25th February 2021.

Charles Dickens has invited Sheridan Le Fanu, his wife Susanna Le Fanu and Charlotte Riddell to spend the weekend in a country house, where they will indulge in telling ghost stories in the old English tradition. The house is also occupied by servants, from whom we meet Smith, Dickens’ butler, and Mrs Canmore, the housekeeper, who have their own tales to tell.

Streamed Live on Twitch and Youtube, listen back to join us around the virtual fireplace, and hear tales brought to life by our incredible cast.

Hound of the Baskervilles

Directed by Amy Curson

Broadcast 28th October 2020

Sherlock Holmes takes on a mysterious new case in which generations of a wealthy family are stalked by a monstrous hound.

Suspecting there may be more to the legend than first appears, Holmes sends Dr Watson to investigate. With a murderous convict on the loose and numerous strange happenings, the dramatic moors make an eerie setting for this tense tale.

This two-part, live broadcast took place over two evenings, bringing to a close Peculiar Productions ‘Spooky Season’!

Casting the Runes

Directed by Terrance-Marshman Edwards

Broadcast 22nd October 2020

Join us for our next event from the comfort of your own home, in whatever lockdown state you happen to be in!

Based on the classic ghost story by M.R. James, “Casting The Runes” tells the story of Edward Dunning, an academic researcher who reviews then declines a manuscript on the Truth of Alchemy…
and is then threatened by strange forces.

Could the enigmatic Mr. Karswell be behind these supernatural goings-on?

Did Karswell cause the death of another academic who criticised his work?

And can Edward work out how to put an end to this before his three months are up?

A Tomb With a View

“The standard of acting makes it hard to believe that this is an amateur production.” – Entertainment South Wales

By Norman Robbins. Directed by Terrance Marshman-Edwards.

February 25th-29th 2020, Llanover Hall Arts Centre, Cardiff.

A deliciously dark comedy thriller! When the Tomb family meet to discuss their late father’s will, it’s going to be murder…

When the reading of the late Septimus Tomb’s will reveals a secret bequest to a complete stranger, his family members – an insular collection of oddballs – are not happy. Threats are made, but someone decides to act on their impulses. Soon enough, the stranger ends up dead.

They are not the first victim. As the body count rises, the remaining family members must try and work out who’s responsible and stop the rest of them ending up in the family plot…

We’re delighted to announce that this production has raised £2,370 for SiMBA, Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal.

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Our Gung-Ho challenge raises £425

On 20th April, the Peculiars tackled a 5K in Swansea! But it wasn’t just any old 5K, oh no – it was the Gung Ho 5K of massive inflatable obastcles!

A massive thanks to everyone who donated or, or came to cheer us on. Thanks also to our Gung-Ho team, for letting no obstacle stand in their way. We’ve raised a fantastic £425 towards our August production of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men at Arms’!

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Pitches now open for 2020

Have you got what it takes to bring a show to the stage? We’re now accepting pitches for our Early 2020 and and Summer 2020 shows, so if you’re interested in directing with our talented and exciting amateur company, we want to hear from you.

Written pitches will be followed up by a meeting to discuss your pitch shortly after. If you’re interested in pitching, contact us for more information.

Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms

‘Brilliant performance … characterisation was outstanding … emotional and passionate performances’ – Cardiff Times

Adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Matthew Hitchman.

21st – 24th August 2019, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

Peculiar Productions presents Terry Pratchett’s classic comedy-fantasy thriller, brought to life on stage!

The City Watch Needs Men! And women, of course. Not to mention dwarfs, trolls, gargoyles, and whatever Nobby Nobbs actually is.

It’s not as if Captain Vimes doesn’t have enough to deal with; warring factions of assassins and clowns, the anniversary of an ancient battle making the city just a tad tetchy, and a ruler who’s perfected the art of ‘benevolent tyranny’.

The last thing he and his Watch need is a big group of new recruits who won’t accept that ‘team spirit’ doesn’t include hitting each other with axes. But Vimes needs to make sure they can all get along, and fast – because no-one else can stop a deadly secret that stalks the streets…

We’de delighted to announce that Men at Arms raised £3,500 for Nerve Tumours UK.

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Summer show launch

Looking forward to our Pratchett production this Summer and want to get involved? Join us on Wednesday 27th February at the Owain Glyndwr, Tair Pluen at 6:30pm to find out what the production team have in store.

Whether you fancy acting, working backstage, being a creative genius and helping create the Discworld with us or just want to be a part of it, we have a place for you!

Audition and crew applications will be available from Wednesday. To get yours, drop us a line using the form below.

Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men at Arms’, 21st-24th August 2019, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

Audition pack requests are now closed. Thank you to everyone that got in touch.

Arcadia: Meet Ed, Master of Science

To kick off our Meet the Actor series, we are showcasing Ed who will be playing Valentine Coverly, the mathematically-minded eldest son of the household.

Ed recently returned to the stage as Mr Slant in Peculiar Productions’ debut show ‘The Truth’ after five years of co-directing for Monstrous Productions Theatre Company, during which he made a delightful cameo as a vampire desperate for a cup of tea. Perfectly cast in our opinion, as Ed’s tea collection is the envy of all.

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