Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms

‘Brilliant performance … characterisation was outstanding … emotional and passionate performances’ – Cardiff Times

Adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Matthew Hitchman.

21st – 24th August 2019, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

Peculiar Productions presents Terry Pratchett’s classic comedy-fantasy thriller, brought to life on stage!

The City Watch Needs Men! And women, of course. Not to mention dwarfs, trolls, gargoyles, and whatever Nobby Nobbs actually is.

It’s not as if Captain Vimes doesn’t have enough to deal with; warring factions of assassins and clowns, the anniversary of an ancient battle making the city just a tad tetchy, and a ruler who’s perfected the art of ‘benevolent tyranny’.

The last thing he and his Watch need is a big group of new recruits who won’t accept that ‘team spirit’ doesn’t include hitting each other with axes. But Vimes needs to make sure they can all get along, and fast – because no-one else can stop a deadly secret that stalks the streets…

We’de delighted to announce that Men at Arms raised £3,500 for Nerve Tumours UK.

More information about this production will follow shortly.

Men at Arms teaser trailer – Meet the City Watch