Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms

‘Brilliant performance … characterisation was outstanding … emotional and passionate performances’ – Cardiff Times

Adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Matthew Hitchman.

21st – 24th August 2019, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff

Peculiar Productions presents Terry Pratchett’s classic comedy-fantasy thriller, brought to life on stage!

The City Watch Needs Men! And women, of course. Not to mention dwarfs, trolls, gargoyles, and whatever Nobby Nobbs actually is.

It’s not as if Captain Vimes doesn’t have enough to deal with; warring factions of assassins and clowns, the anniversary of an ancient battle making the city just a tad tetchy, and a ruler who’s perfected the art of ‘benevolent tyranny’.

The last thing he and his Watch need is a big group of new recruits who won’t accept that ‘team spirit’ doesn’t include hitting each other with axes. But Vimes needs to make sure they can all get along, and fast – because no-one else can stop a deadly secret that stalks the streets…

We’de delighted to announce that Men at Arms raised £3,500 for Nerve Tumours UK.


‘Brilliant performance … characterisation was outstanding … emotional and passionate performances’

Cardiff Times

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‘A polished performance from a very talented cast.

National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA)

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What audiences said:

‘Amazing talent and comedic timing. Loved every second.’

‘Amazing perfomances throughout’

‘Absolutely brilliant… Peculiar have done another amazing job’

‘The Watch really exist!’

‘Fantastic casting and amazing acting!’

‘Fantastic production, cast and crew!’

Award Nomination: James Paine has been nominated for a NODA Award for his perfomance as Corporal Carrot.

Production photos

Cast and crew photos

Rehearsal photos

PhotographyEx Cathedra Photography, JH Photography 

Cast and Crew

Directed by Matthew Hitchman


The Watch

Captain Vimes – Jes Hynes

Cpl Carrot – James Paine

Sgt Colon – Steve Durbin

Nobby Nobbs – Josh Flynn

LCpl Cuddy – Sarah Roberts

LCpl Detritus – John Byron

LCPl Angua – Liz Keech

Cpn Quirke – Tony Beard

The Assasin’s Guild

Edward D’eath – John Simpson

Dr Cruces – Jonathan Pinkney

Downey / Morecombe – Howard Dickens

The Fools Guild

Doctor WhitefaceEdward Thomas

Boffo / Footnote – Loz Shanahan

Guild Clown – Beth Lisles

The Nobles

Lord Havelock Vetinari – Michael Dickinson Smith

Lady Sybil Ramkin – Hazel Duke

Willikins / Guild Clown – Pete Belson

Lady Selachi / Footnote – Sarah Burrow

Lord Rust / Day Guard – Richard McReynolds

Lord Skater / Day Guard – Matt Edwards


Gaspode – Christina Scott

Dr Silverfish / Foul Ole Ron – Paul Woolley

Leonard of Quirm / Footnote – Nick Dunn

Cornice Overlooking Broadway – Sophie Griffiths

Bjorn Hammerhock – Kat Orford

DEATH Matt Burnett

Werewolf Alice Boswell


Production ManagerLizzie Mulhall

Assistant DirectorJes Hynes

Stage Manager / Makeup – Vicki Rowe

Wardrobe Lead – Sophie Griffiths

Asst. Stage Manager / Props Lead – Sarah Burrow

Publicity Lead – Matt Edwards

Set Design and Build Lead – Tony Beard

Composer – Richard McyReynolds

Lighting Technician – Joe Davey

Sound and Video Technician – Sam Lewis

Costume / Makeup Asst. – Matt Burnett

Publicity – Loz Shanahan

Prop Maker – Davina Darmanin

Prop Maker – Alice Boswell

Prop Maker – Howard Dickens

Digital Artist / Makeup Artist – Kat Orford

Set and Props – Hazel Duke

Photography – Steve Durbin

Photography – John Simpson

Front of House – Jean Rowe

Men at Arms teaser trailer – Meet the City Watch