Tom Stoppard’s ‘Arcadia’

“Excellent cast bringing great energy to a witty and engaging play” – Audience feedback

By Tom Stoppard.  Directed by Hannah Bennett.

21st – 23rd February 2019, The Paget Rooms, Penarth.

Peculiar Productions presents Tom Stoppard’s fascinating and witty comedy, Arcadia. Winner of the 1993 Laurence Olivier Award, Stoppard’s script is a sparky, intellectual masterpiece from one of the UK’s most talented playwrights.

At Sidley Park in 1809, the house is rife with intrigue and happenings, as the infamous Lord Byron is staying with the Coverly family. Whilst the gardens are being redesigned – much to Lady Croom’s distress – the youngest daughter, Thomasina, is being tutored in the classics by Byron’s contemporary, Septimus. Two centuries later, a group of academics convene at the same location to discuss the events that followed: did Byron take part in a fatal duel? Is the story of the mysterious Sidley Park hermit really just a myth? And who was spied with Mrs. Chater in the gazebo?

We’re delighted to annouce that we’ve donated £1,000 to Arcadia‘s chosen charity, The Brain Tumour Charity!

This amateur production of “Arcadia” was presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.

What audiences said

‘Excellent cast bringing great energy to a witty and engaging play.’

‘Excellent portrayal. The cast are excellent. Completely satisfied.

‘Wonderfully performed. Great set. Very funny and entertaining.

‘Had us laughing from beginning to end.’

‘Everyone was excellent. The set is gorgeous.’

‘It was brilliant. Very well cast.’

Production photos

Rehearsals and behind the scenes

Cast and Crew

Directed by Hannah Bennett


Hanna Jarvis – Katya Moskvina

Septimus Hodge – Lawrence Quilty

Valentine Coverly – Edward Thomas

Bernard Nightingale – Matthew Hitchman

Thomasina Coverly – Caitlin Bamber

Chloe Coverly – Lowri Belson

Lady Croom – Ellen Warren

Captain Brice – Christopher Maxwell

Gus / Augustus – Joshua Flynn

Ezra Chater – Tony Beard

Richard Noakes  – Paul Woolley

Jellaby  – Terrance Marshman-Edwards


Production Manager – Sam Lews

Stage Manager – Vicki Rowe

Assistant SM  – Matt Edwards

Musical Director  – Richard McReynolds

Head of Props  – Alice Boswell

Set Design  – Lizzie Mulhall

Lighting Design  – John Simpson

Sound Design  – Loz Shanahan

Hair & Makeup  – Kat Orford

Prop & Costume Assistant – Sarah Dicks

Wardrobe Management – Soph Warnes

Front of House Manager – Sarah Burrow

Hair & Makeup Assistant – Sarah Roberts

Prop & Costume Assistant – Sam Steele

Set Design Assistant – Tony Beard

Prop Management – Josh Flynn

Copywriter – Terrance Marshman-Edwards


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