Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Truth’

‘A triumph of a debut’ – Geeks in Wales

By Terry Pratchett. Adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Ellen Warren.

22nd – 25th August 2018, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff.

Wiliam de Worde is one of life’s Observers.

He’s always been very good at it. So much so that he’s just managed to invent Ankh-Morpork’s first newspaper, and now his observations are everyone’s observations. This has the unfortunate side effect of People suddenly Observing him.

With a scandal causing chaos in the highest echelons of society, political uncertainty abounding and a lot of funny shaped vegetables, William finds himself right in the middle of the story for the first time and unsure of which way to turn. All he knows is that he has to find the Truth.

The Truth was Peculiar Production’s first show, and raised £5,000 for Cardiff Mind.

Production photos

Cast and Crew Photos

Rehearsal photos

Colour photography: JH Photography | Black and white photography: Ex Cathedra Photography  | Additional rehearsal photography: Hannah Bennet

Cast and Crew

Directed by Ellen Warren


William De Worde – Loz Shanahan

Sacharissa Cripslock – Caitlin Bamber

Otto von Chriek – Josh Stevenson-Hoare

Gunilla Goodmountain – Josh Flynn

Boddony – Beth Lisles

Mr Pin – Asher Townsend

Mr Tulip – John Byron

Mr Slant – Ed Thomas

Gaspode the Wonderdog – Matt Hitchman

Foul Ole Ron / Wuffles – Paul Woolley

The Duck Man / Ronnie Carmey – Richard McReynolds

Altogether Andrews / Mr Wintler – Tony Beard

Coffin Henry – Howard Dickins

Lord Havelock Vetinari – Michael Dickinson-Smith

Drumknott – John Simpson

Archbishop Hughnon Ridcully / Old Priest – Steve Durbin

Commander Sam Vimes – Jes Hynes

Sergeant Angua von Uberwald – Katya Moskvina

Sergeant Fred Colon / Mr Mackleduff – Matt Edwards

Corporal Nobby Nobbs – Pete Belson

Various – Harold T. Spencer

Coporal Cheery Littlebottom – Holly Raddy

Lord De Worde – Terrance Edwards

Lady Selachii / Mrs Crank – Sarah Roberts

Lord Rust / Mr Cartwright – Nick Dunn


Production Manager– Joe Davey

Set Design – Tony Beard

Set Design – Holly Raddy

Costume / Fundraising – Liz Alison

Props design / Stage Manager – Lizzie Mulhall

Assistant Stage Manager / Wardrobe – Sarah Burrow

Makeup Design / Assistant Stage Manager – Vicki Rowe

Video Design / Publicity – Hannah Bennett

Sound and Video Design – Sam Lewis

Lighting Design – Sarah Dicks

Costume Design – Emma Jane Weeks

Makeup Artist – Kat Orford


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