Peculiar Slice: The Cherries On Top

Meet the newly appointed Peculiar Committee who are fresh out of the oven and ready to roll!

Sarah – Executive Chef

Role of Chair requires a pinch of authority (or bossiness). A dollop of understanding. A good helping of organization and an awful lot of love (for my committee and the company) to bind it all together.

What type of cake would I be? I’d be a Gin and tonic cake. I’m zesty. Sometimes sharp and often soaked in gin.

I’m looking forward to rising to the challenges ahead. Making the company sustainable. Spreading our wings and trying new shows. And bringing even more passion and creativity to our Pratchett productions.

Vicki – Head Chef

As Secretary I need a whole heap of organisational skills, a dash of communication and a load of honesty.

If I were a cake I’d be a coffee and walnut, because I’m full of caffeine and subtley nutty.

This year I’m looking forward to helping towards Peculiar Productions’ continued success, and being able to get stuck in!

The Peculiar Productions Committee!

Ed – Sous Chef

As treasurer I need a good firm sponge made up of a mixture of efficiency, organisation and attention to detail. My buttercream filling is a smooth layer consisting of my firm but fair approach to chasing up membership fees. And I am topped with a frosting of maximising the bottom line.

I would be a lemon meringue pie – sturdy on the outside but surprisingly soft and gooey on the inside.

This year I am really looking forward to seeing Peculiar Productions try out new things. We have a new kind of production coming up, a new venue and hopefully new audiences –all of which is very exciting.

Lizzie – Pastry Chef

The Fundraising Officer’s role is like a pinata cake. Needs a solid structure, flavoursome with great attention to the fine details and once you get stuck in it is full of fun and goodies.

I think if I were a cake I’d be a banana cake as I love my home comforts and I like to pretend I’m healthy. It would however have a surprise chocolate centre as I am pretty sure I am 80% chocolate already.

I am looking forward to getting some super fun socials and fundraisers in the Peculiar calendar and can’t wait to have all the past, present and future members getting together. I’m also excited about the sensational projects we have coming up and will work hard to raise lots of money for worthwhile causes.

Richard – Sauté Chef

I see myself more as the organiser of the kitchen in my role as Production Officer.  I am not necessarily the one who is baking but am providing each chef with the utensils and the ingredients.  Because of this I need to have good organisation of the tools and the ingredients with the ability to source new ones if need be.  I am here to help others realise their own projects and with that I need to have an organised set of resources for them to use.

If I were a cake I would be a Guinness cake because of my Irishness and the fact that I do not know enough cakes in order to be clever with my answer to this question.

In the coming year I am looking forward to helping out with the productions.  When show week comes and all of the props scenery and lighting are added the show really comes alive.  I am looking forward to providing the talented people that we have at Peculiar the resources so that they may utilise their skills to the fullest.

Loz – Pantry Chef

As Publicity Officer you need a big ol’ dollop of enthusiasm for the shows and projects our talented group put together, with a sprinkling of creativity. Plus cinnamon, because it’s lovely and seems to be in pretty much everything anyway, especially in Autumn.

As a cake I’d be something without raisins in. They’re absolutely marvellous things on their own but I’m not sure they’ve got any business lurking about in cake. I’ll make an exception for bara brith because it’s a Welsh classic! Maybe carrot cake, because there’s something earthy about it and I love the outdoors.

I am looking forward to the shows we’ve got coming up! And seeing how the company will grow, what exciting new projects will emerge, and meeting new people that will join us on our theatrical adventures!