The Truth: Meet William de Worde

I’ve been slapped in the face by an angry engraver, menaced for cash by a litigious zombie, interrogated by a semi-supernatural police force, and irritated by an incessant turnip-fancier.

I think you’ll like this show.

Hello! I’m Loz, and I’ll be playing William de Worde in Peculiar Productions stage performance of Terry Pratchett’s The Truth, taking place in Cardiff this August at the beautiful Gate Arts Centre. Continue reading “The Truth: Meet William de Worde”

The Truth: The Wonder Dog!

I was really excited to take on the role of Gaspode for this production. As a huge Discworld fan it was really great to get my teeth into another iconic character. Having previously been cast as Maurice in ‘The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents’ it wasn’t a shock to try and portray a talking animal on stage. However, the differences from that production to this one are vast. Continue reading “The Truth: The Wonder Dog!”